The future of car buying has arrived


It's all about you

Buying a car shouldn't take a whole day out of your week. With ClickShipDrive, you control the speed of the deal from start to finish.Buying online has made your life easier with everything else - why not cars? 


Let's make this simple

With ClickShipDrive, you find the car you want at the price you want, We arrange finance or lease terms, you sign the documents digitally, and the car is shipped to your home or office. Any questions?


We're not new at this

Closing in on 100  years in the car business, we know what you want - and, what you don't. With ClickShipDrive, you get everything we've learned, delivered to your doorstep. You save time, money, and above all, the frustration and drama of the traditional buying process. 


Chris S., New York, NY

We live in New York City and ClickShipDrive dropped our Range Rover in front of my office. Great deal, great process.

Nick F., Marco Island,FL

Mancuso gave us a fair trade value so we had the truck bring our trade-in back to Chicago. All went as planned. 

Jason W., Lake Geneva, WI

This was our first online purchase and it went smoothly. No hiccups. Nice deal.

Tim P., Highland Park, IL

Even though I could have driven to the showroom, I did the ClickShipDrive thing. Big time saver. I highly recommend it.

Mike J., Austin TX

Everything was done via email or text, without the usual drama. 

Mark B., Park City, UT

I found the Cayenne I was looking for, and Mancuso handled the financing and shipping. The whole deal was super easy.

A car for every budget

Select a vehicle and let us know your preferred payment method. Cash, finance or lease, we do it all.

Nationwide shipping

We ship anywhere in the US. Watch for our free shipping specials.